Wishing Star of Seven Nights: Jirachi Theatre Promo Merchandise
七夜の願い星 ジラーチ 劇場限定商品

Easily the rarest of Absol merchandise, theatre promotional merchandise from the Pokémon movies can quickly become difficult to find and expensive. Sadly I am still missing a fair amount of Absol merchandise from movie 6, but with time I can hopefully fill the gaps. For now however, I am happy with the progress I've made so far.

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Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Program
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 パンフレット

Along with other promotional merchandise, theatres in Japan sold special, gorgeous programs of the featured movie. These programs feature gorgeous full-color pages, glossy covers with holographic accents, behind the scenes information about the movie, and perhaps best of all, complete lists of all the theatre promotional merchandise released for that movie.

Pokémon Monster Collection Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Clear Figure Absol
ポケモン モンスターコレクション 七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 クリアフィギュア アブソル
Tomy 2003

Like all Absol theatre merchandise from the sixth movie, this figure is exceptionally hard to find. Strangely, while it's commonly referred to as "clear" (clear theatre exclusive MC figures became the norm after movie 5 or so), this figure is actually glow-in-the-dark instead.

Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Metal Keychain Absol, Jirachi, Groudon
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 メタルキーホルダー アブソル、ジラーチ、グラードン
Movic 2003

All the way back to at least the third Pokémon movie, theatres in Japan sold, among other limited items, metal keychains with charms of the featured characters. I originally only had the Absol charm on a small ball chain, for a long time not knowing it was from an unknown to me movie 6 keychain. It took me quite a long time to finally find a mint in package one, and thanks to a close friend I was able to snag it. The other theatre items from movie 6 also featured this gorgeous, muted packaging style.

Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Figure Sharp Pen Absol
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 フィギュア付きシャープペン アブソル
Movic 2003

Another movie merchandise staple, this is a figure pen. However, movie 6 featured very unique ones that had the figure in a capsule on top of the pen! The pen also features beautiful blue glittery plastic.

Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Rubber Keychain
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 ラバーキーホルダー
Movic 2003

A very adorable movie promotional rubber keychain featuring Absol and Jirachi. I've seen movie rubber keychains go as far back as movie 2, and range in size from a couple inches to nearly palm-sized!

Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Silver Medal
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 銀メダル
Movic 2003

Another staple of promotional movie merchandise going all the way back to the second movie (usually two; one for the main movie and one for the short), movie 6's medal was silver and featured Jirachi and Absol. Very gorgeous and even heavy, these are one of my favorite kinds of movie merchandise.

Pokémon AG Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Soft Mascot Absol
ポケモンAG 七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 ソフトマスコット アブソル
Tomy 2003

This figure was sold in a set with Jirachi, Mightyena, Groudon, and Salamence only in theatres during the sixth Pokémon movie's run. It is very much like a Pokémon Kid, soft plastic and hollow, but made by Tomy instead of Bandai.

Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Can Badge Set
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 缶バッジセット
Media Factory 2003

This set of can badges is absolutely gorgeous. Jirachi's is against a background of holographic speckles, while Salamence and Absol feature a metallic finish. Even the card backdrop is gorgeous and full-color; most of the other movie merchandise for this movie featured muted but still beautiful backgrounds.

Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Uchiwa
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 うちわ
Movic 2003

Wishing Star of Seven Nights Theatre Promo Shitajiki 0703G-1A
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 下敷き 0703G-1A
Movic 2003