For the many beautiful screenshots!
  • The Spriters Resource and Sprite Database
    Sprite rips from Mystery Dungeon and Ranger, and the Soothe Bell sprite rip from Diamond/Pearl of which I edited the rope to look like the Clear Bell.
    (Specifically, Ragey for Ranger, Redblueyellow for Mystery Dungeon, and KillerAslox for the Soothe Bell.)
  • Veekun
    Pokédex, HG/SS Pokémon and overworld sprite rips, Kimono Girl/Maiko-han sprite rip I used to edit, and general information.
  • Global Trade Station Plus Image Gallery
    Sugimori stock images, pawprint images, and some sprites.
  • Search For Cheats
    Pokémon Platinum sprite rips, specifically from Aeonos and Mastermind_X.
  • Pokémon Paraíso
    For the amazing X/Y animation rips.