Raikou Merchandise

Items that aren't a part of a set also featuring Entei and Suicune!

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Pokémon V-Trainer Raikou
Hasbro 2002

Sort of like MonColle Plus nearly ten years later, V-Trainers were figures with chips that connected to a V-Trainer system that can be used to battle different Gym Leader or trainer cartridges, or another person, and gain levels. Suicune also got two V-Trainer releases, and can be seen on its individual merchandise page.

Pokémon Turbo Tops Movie Edition Raikou
Hasbro 2003

An interesting Raikou top that spins and launches out of a launcher it came with. More interesting still is that Raikou seems to have been confused with Suicune; it originally came packaged with a matching Celebi top.