Mega Absol Figures

Monster Collection Super Size SP-019 Mega Absol
モンスターコレクション スーパーサイズ SP-019 メガアブソル
Takara Tomy 2014

Mega Absol's Monster Collection figure! It comes in a new line of larger figures than normal MC figures called Super Size, and also features articulated legs. In addition, there are larger still MC figures, which are called Hyper Size.

Pokémon Kids XY Mega Evolution Successive Entry Set Mega Absol
ポケモンキッズXY メガシンカ続々登場編 メガアブソル
Bandai 2014

Mega Absol's very first Kid figure! I really love how adorable it is, and how similar the pose is to Absol's "Quick Attack" Attack Kid.

Pokémon Mega Evolution VS Set Mega Absol
ポケモンメガシンカVSセット メガアブソル
Takara Tomy ARTS 2014

A detailed candytoy figure, only slightly larger than a Kid figure. This series of figures come in sets of two, hence the name "VS". This figure came with Mega Charizard X.

Pokémon Mega Absol Articulated Figure
Tomy 2016

Mega Absol Keychains/Straps

Pokémon Center Metal Charm Absol, Mega Absol, Absolite
ポケモンセンター メタルチャーム アブソル、メガアブソル、アブソルナイト
Pokémon Center 2014

Adding to the Pokémon Center's tradition of releasing metal charms for every Pokémon, comes metal charms for Mega Evolutions! This is a set featuring Absol, Mega Absol, and the Absolite Mega Stone!

Pocket Monsters XY Strap C Mega Absol
ポケットモンスターXY ストラップC メガアブソル
Movic 2014

I really love how gorgeous this strap is, and how it's a key design. It is definitely one of my favorite pieces of Mega Absol merchandise.

Pokémon Netsuke DX01 -side X- Mega Absol
ポケモン根付DX01 -side X- メガアブソル
Takara Tomy ARTS 2014

One of my favorite series of strap sets, Netsuke Mascots are heavily Japanese-based, inspired by objects called netsuke. I really love the pose of this Mega Absol, and the beautiful braided cord!

Pocket Monsters XY Real Figure Key Holder ~Mega Evolutions~ 1 Mega Absol
ポケットモンスターXY リアルフィギュアキーホルダー~メガシンカ~1 メガアブソル
Banpresto 2014

This is a gorgeous and large figure keychain, only available as a crane prize.